Keyman Accident Insurance

We’ll make it simple for you

The Keyman provides a sure comprehensive protection for you:

– 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

– at home or at work

– while traveling for business or pleasure, by land, sea or air

– anywhere in the world

Insurance Benefits


Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement

Pays 100% for loss of hands or feet, or loss of death or permanent total disablement.

Loss of Use or Dismemberments

Pays 100% for loss of hands or feet, or loss of sight, hearing or speech.

Burial Expense

Pays up to maximum benefit limit to help defray the cost of casket, funeral service and burial expenses brought about by accidental death.

Accidental Medical Expense Reimbursement

Pays for the actual related expenses in the treatment of injuries for hospital expenses, doctor’s fees, surgical fees or hiring of a graduate nurse.

Daily Hospital Cash

Pays the fixed amount of benefit amount of benefit for every day you are confined up to maximum 180 days for the treatment of ordinary illnesses and doubled for any dreaded diseases or injuries. Pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months of continuous coverage.


Covers death or injuries caused by Unprovoked Murder or Assault up to 100% of the sum injured.


Self-inflicted injuries, war ,suicide, riot, civil commotion, private flying, hazardous sports, etc.


Executives, Managers, Professionals, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs with no hazardous occupational exposure . Age limit: 65 years old


1. Provides 10% renewal bonus each year up to four consecutive years until the principal sum represents 140% without additional cost.

2. Provides 40% premium refund on the 5th year premium for continuous claims-free record.