Loss and Damage

We’ll make it simple for you

This part of policy protects the Scheduled Vehicle and its accessories and spare parts.


  1. Accidental Collision or Overturning
  2. Overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown
  3. Overturning consequent upon wear and tear
  4. Fire, self-ignition
  5. External Explosion
  6. Lightning
  7. Theft
  8. Malicious Act



  1. Loss or damage NOT in excess of the deductible
  2. Consequential Loss
  3. Depreciation
  4. Wear & Tear
  5. Mechanical or Electrical Breakdowns
  6. Failures or Breakages
  7. Damage to Tires unless the Scheduled Vehicle at the same time
  8. Malicious Damage caused by the Insured, Member of the Family or Employee