Third-Party Property Damage

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The Company will pay all sums necessary to discharge liability of the insured in respect of Damage to property in an accident caused by or arising out of the use of the Scheduled Vehicle or in connection with the loading or unloading of the Scheduled Vehicle.

  • Exceptions: The Company shall not be liable in respect of damage to property belonging to the Insured, or held in trust by, or in the custody or control of the insured or any member of the Insured’s household or being conveyed by the Scheduled Vehicle. The following are not covered by the policy:
    • Any accidents or liability caused or incurred outside the Philippines and/or being driven by any person other than an Authorized Driver.
    • Accident of Liability whilst the Vehicle is being used otherwise in accordance with the limitations as to use.
  • Motor Insurance Limitations (LIMITATIONS AS TO USE)
    • a.  Use for hauling and/or carrying of logs, lumber, sand, gravel, bottled beverages, gasoline products, and/or other inflammable articles or materials.
    • b. Use for racing, pacemaking, reliability trial or speed testing.
    • c. Use for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward.
    • d. Use for any purpose in connection with motor trade