Travel Personal Accident Insurance

Travel Personal Accident Insurance

If something happens to you during your trip, what would happen to your family? Take heart…

OAC Travel Personal Accident Insurance Plan gives you the protection you need while travelling anywhere in the world. Designed to provide you comprehensive protection as well as benefits for losses resulting from accidental injuries 24 hours a day. Oriental’s Travel PA Insurance helps you sleep easy while you travel.

Accidental Death Benefits

Receive 100% of the principal sum selected in case accidental death happens within one (1) year from the date of the accident.

Accidental Disablement Benefits

Be assured of being paid up to 100% of the principal sum selected if accidental bodily injuries result in physical severance or total and permanent lost of use of any part(s) of the insured’s body within one (1) year from the date of the accident.

Medical Reimbursement Benefits

If as a result of bodily injury, the insured shall require treatment by a legally qualified physician or surgeon, confinement in a hospital or employment of a licensed or graduate nurse, the plan shall pay the actual expense incurred not to exceed the maximum amount selected.

Unprovoked Murder and Assault

Covers death or injuries caused by Unprovoked Murder or Assault up to 50% of the Sum Assured.

Schedule of Benefits

Accidental Death and Disablement & Loss of Sight P1,000,000.00

Medical Reimbursement P100,000.00

Number of Days

1-7 days        P341.00

10 days         P438.00

14 days         P544.00

21 days         P671.00

31 days         P797.40

45 days         P1,009.45

60 days         P1,115.00

90 days         P1,104.25


This plan does not cover bodily injuries resulting from acts of war; service in the Armed Forces; Professional Athletics and organized and scheduled amateur physical contact sports; medical or surgical treatment; suicide, bacterial infection; murder and assault; pre-existing diseases.